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Your Backyard Trampoline Can Cause Serious Injuries


When we think of dangerous activities that are likely to cause injury, we often think of sports, mountain climbing, skateboarding, and other high risk activities. We may even understand the dangers in just driving to work every day on South Florida roads. We often give little thought to the dangers that may exist in and around our houses.

Trampoline Dangers

One such device is the trampoline. Although trampoline parks are springing up left and right (and have their own potential dangers), the everyday trampoline that can be set up in anyone’s backyard can lead to a host of injuries.

The internet is full of stories of injuries from trampolines and there is little evidence to dispute user’s experiences. In fact, evidence of the dangers of trampoline use is overwhelming.

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons recently admitted that these backyard trampolines can be very dangerous. Some experts even recommend keeping kids younger than 6 off of trampolines completely.

Basic Security Features

If you have a trampoline, keeping it maintained and paying a little extra to make sure yours has basic features can help avoid some injuries, but most experts say even those precautions are of limited benefit. Basic security features should include netting around the trampoline to avoid people from falling off the edge.

The springs under the trampoline should be padded, to avoid jumping kids from slamming into them through the bottom of the trampoline.

Kids of different sizes and ages should never be allowed to jump together to avoid rebound injuries. This is where the trampoline rebounds up from a larger person’s jump, and on the rebound up, the trampoline floor slams into a smaller child who is not ready or prepared to take the impact.

Much like you would do at a pool, kids should always be monitored. A trampoline is not a babysitter.

Daredevil like stunts (like somersaulting, or any action which can end up with a child landing on his or her head) should be discouraged. Users should also avoid jumping at or near the edge of the trampoline.

Limited Government Oversight and Serious Injury

Remember that there is no government agency that overlooks trampolines. That means that the one you buy for your kids is not guaranteed to have any safety features at all, and cheap versions often purchased from overseas vendors are widely available.

Injuries from trampolines can be very serious and catastrophic. Doctors report seeing paralysis, open fractures, head injuries and other debilitating injury.

If you or a family member is injured on any product or device, there is a good chance that your injury was caused by a defect in the product itself. Even manufacturers of dangerous products like trampolines can be held accountable if there is a design failure or a failure to provide basic safety measures.

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