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What To Do if You Receive a Notice of Default on Your Mortgage in Florida


Things haven’t gotten any easier for hard-working Americans during this past year, and if you’re in a position like so many others who are struggling to keep up with mortgage payments, know that you have options and you are not alone – you don’t need to fear the mailman.




Falling behind on mortgage payments is a stressful experience, and facing the threat of foreclosure can make it feel even more overwhelming. At Jacobs Legal, we can help you understand your options and defend your rights in your fight against foreclosure.


What is a Notice of Default?


If you receive a notice of default in the mail, know that it is in no way an eviction. Far from it. What a notice of default does is notify the borrower that he or she is delinquent on mortgage payments and is in default.


If you receive a notice of default on your mortgage in Florida, you should not ignore it. To save your home from foreclosure, you must take action – and the sooner you act, the more options you have. Among them include the following:


  • Catching up on missed payments – While challenging, if you can catch up on what you owe and become current again with payments, the lender will be less likely to pursue foreclosure.
  • Seeking a loan modification – Negotiating a loan modification enables you to make changes to the loan or its term, even if it’s a temporary reduction in payments to help you through a period of financial hardship.
  • Selling your home – Selling your home in pre-foreclosure is on way to pay back the debt you owe on your mortgage loan. While it will affect your credit score, it won’t be nearly as bad of a credit hit as that of a foreclosure. For more about what to know when considering a short sale, read this post.
  • Consulting with our legal team on other options – At Jacobs Legal, we’ve been fighting big banks since the foreclosure crisis of 2008 and will work with you to confidentially discuss all of your options in your fight to keep your home. Rest assured, we will have your back and do everything we can to ease your anxiety and help you through this difficult time.


If you find yourself falling behind on mortgage payments and don’t know where to turn, contact us at Jacobs Legal. Taking action early and proactively can help put you in the best position to keep your home.



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