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What If the Bank Cannot Find My Mortgage?

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If the bank can’t find your mortgage, they can still foreclose on you. But it becomes a lot harder if you are a good trial lawyer who is trained in the issues that involve foreclosure defense, and you can make it difficult for them. The level of proof that they need to come to court with to explain that they did in fact have the note, and then they lost it somehow, and they can re-establish it, and there’s a whole body of law that deals with that issue, and what we find is, more often than not, they never got the note in the first place.

And if you know what you’re asking for, and you know how these transactions were supposed to work, then you ask them where the dead body is, which you know should be here, and if it ain’t there, then they’ve got problems, and that’s when you can start doing some real damage in these foreclosure cases.

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