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What Happens If I Get a Foreclosure Letter?


Even if you know it’s coming, receiving a foreclosure letter in the mail can put you in a devastating situation and leave you questioning your next steps and your legal rights. It may feel like the odds are completely stacked against you, but in truth, you have many more rights and options than you think.

What a foreclosure letter is not

A foreclosure letter is not an automatic loss of your home. It is not a loss of your rights nor your opportunity to fight to keep your property.

What a foreclosure letter is, however, is a notice that a foreclosure action has been filed in court against you. Once you receive notification of the lawsuit, you have just 20 days to respond to the suit without risk of automatically losing the suit and your home.

Understanding your foreclosure rights

If you begin falling behind on your mortgage payments and are in default on your loan, you may be in danger of foreclosure. After missing more than three consecutive months (at least 120 days) of payments, you mortgage lender will begin taking foreclosure action, but first they must contact you to discuss loss mitigation options.

By no later than 36 days after missing your first payment, your lender is legally required to be in contact to discuss options for avoiding foreclosure. This is an important opportunity for you, as the earlier you take action, the more options you will have for fighting the foreclosure. If you find yourself falling behind on payments, contact our Florida foreclosure defense team at Jacobs Legal right away.

In addition to your loss mitigation rights, you also have the right to a breach letter, which notifies you that you are in default and explains exactly what you need to do to cure the default and reinstate the loan.

Foreclosure does not just start and end with a letter. It’s a process, and one our team is here and ready to fight with you on. If you get a foreclosure letter in the mail, don’t ignore it. Call us right away at Jacobs Legal for experienced foreclosure defense and legal advice.

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