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The Wrong Way to Fight a Foreclosure

Foreclosure is a terrible situation and it is extremely upsetting to lose the home that you have saved and worked to buy for yourself and your family. There are solutions to fighting foreclosure and you may be able to save your home or at least save your credit with the help of a Miami foreclosure lawyer. It is important to look for productive solutions and not to let the fear of foreclosure cause you to take desperate actions that don’t help matters.
Recently, one sad story reported in the Atlanta Journal-Constitutional told of a man who pled guilty to making bomb threats at two court houses to try to save his home from foreclosure. The man was sentenced to 10 years, with one year to serve in prison, after admitting to four counts of transmitting a false public alarm. In addition to the jail time, the man was also required to pay restitution of $7,500 for expenses incurred.

The Right Way to Respond to Foreclosure
The man who called in the bomb threats to the court houses when his home was about to go up for auction was well-known to courthouse workers and sheriff’s deputies as he ran a café near to where the court house was located. He did not actually plant bombs, but his threats forced law enforcement to clear the buildings and to check for explosives when the threats were made. Investigators found him after pinpointing the source of the call and identifying him on a surveillance video at a nearby gas station where he called in the bomb threats from.

While calling in bomb threats was illegal and a terrible way to deal with his foreclosure problems, this man was- like most people who are facing foreclosure- not a bad person, but was just someone who had fallen behind on his bills. He, unfortunately, also had not told the truth to his wife and young children about their financial situation. He had admitted that he was facing bankruptcy but hadn’t told them that the home was being foreclosed on.

The choices that were made surrounding the foreclosure were what led to the desperate actions, and there is a much better way to deal with a foreclosure than what was done here. If you are in danger of having your home foreclosed on:

  • Tell your loved ones. The truth is going to come out anyway and the people who care about will be there for you.
  • Contact an attorney who specializes in foreclosure. Your lawyer can help explain all of the different options to you.
  • Look into foreclosure avoidance programs. The Making Home Affordable program offers options to homeowners to consider and there are a variety of other possible legal solutions as well.

The bottom line is, there are always ways to work within the law to try to avoid foreclosure or find alternatives. You owe it to yourself to make a smart choice and talk to someone who can help.

If you’re battling foreclosure in Miami or the surrounding areas contact Jacobs Legal for a confidential appointment to discuss your rights. Call (305) 358-7991. Also, don’t miss Miami Foreclosure Attorney Bruce Jacobs on 880AM/the Biz, every Wednesday from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. on “Mortgage Wars,” discussing foreclosure topics that matter to YOU.

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