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Attorneys and lawyers as Bruce Jacobs are rare, and you have to be God fearing to be in touch with reality and the people’s in life. And that is what set Bruce and those handful of lawyers apart from the others and they like what they do. —Daniel H A.

I am a retired medical professional and guard my finances my property and my privacy vigorously. After Hurricane Irma hit parts of South Florida I could not wait on my insurance to take months to pay out for the “cleanup “ for safety and sanitary conditions it had to be done. Not to mention the State County and City of Homestead codes and regulations and potential fines. Well my father and I paid out of pocket until the insurance companies could play catch up. During this time My mortgager NATIONSTAR/Dr Cooper decided to sell my mortgage to of all banks WELLS FARGO! From December 16,2017 until the day in March of 2018 I got to Bruce Jacobs vía Grant Stern; WF decided they would not only withhold my insurance payout monies but try to take my home while under Federal Disaster Protection and not being behind on anything! I was even told by WF “Disaster Specialist” “well if you and your dad don’t like Wells Fargo then Pay off your house or we will take it!” Wow! What customer service / disaster help specialist college or school or training did they go to??!! Obviously NONE!

I was very grateful to Grant Stern for getting me to Bruce Jacobs and Team. They quickly met with me and in a very short time they got my fathers and my monies that WF was holding hostage that was paid out by the insurance released to us. In fact WF was so full of malfeasance and fraudulent activity and actions, dealing with Jacobs Law WF had to recalculate and send me a less than a dollar I believe it was 0.65 cent check. Jacobs Legal held them accountable and still do to this very day. It’s a true shame on these and other companies who prey on many but anyone like WF who especially deliberately targets disabled decorated military veterans who gave life and more for us in this country today just to cover up all their securities and inequities frauds that have been on the nightly and regular news for years now.

My father and I have nothing but exceptional things to say about the excellent service knowledge and most definitely the “Professionals” he has working on his From everyone who answers the phone to individual departments who handle special circumstances ALL ARE TRUE PROFESSIONALS. And in my specific time of need they have ALL stepped up listened and helped me out to the very maximum.

I would like to thank the following in addition to Grant Stern for getting me to Jacobs Law and Bruce Jacobs; Elaine, MS Ann and most especially JANELLE CANNON, ESQUIRE who personally oversees my case and the recent personal threats that have come up against me. They all have my back and my safety and security in sight and they are very proactive about what they are doing in my case(s).

This firm (each member ) and all its professionals are truly an answer to many a prayer from not just me but my Veteran father and my entire family. From someone who has been literally “sold up the river “ by some attorneys who did not listen to me or even take any of the information and evidence I provided them with and whom did not take me seriously, only interested enough in if I paid the retainer and could they keep getting more from me without doing the work but as one in the year 2012 who represented me said “I winged it” I should have “winged “ his retainer also ……
Jacobs Law firm is a WORLD SET APART FROM THOSE TYPES OF PEOPLE practicing that I referred to above that I had the unfortunate ordeal of having to depend on them in some serious situations and they “winged it.”

I’m so grateful that Jacobs law firm is not like these past experiences I’ve had …..and they listen they help they GET RESULTS and they do not play with peoples lives health well-being and livelihoods. I cannot express enough gratitude and graciousness for all they have done for me and my father and continue to do. You have true professionals and a TRUE WARRIOR on your side with Jacobs Law Firm! —Latina S.

So very grateful there are still people like Bruce Jacobs in the world. Bruce and Team saved my families home during a terrible time for us. Bruce is amazing and we recommend him 100%. He is good people too. —Don W.

Fighting for their clients with heart & dignity!!!
There aren’t enough attorneys like U!!! —Eli G.

MR Jacobs was referred to me by a friend a practicing attorney in the miami area he reviewed my mortgage agreement and was concerned about fraudulent activity by the bank during there foreclosure attempts currently a civil judge has found evidence of fraud by the bank and we are in a process of discovery i am still in my home Mr Jacobs is extremely knowledgeable and not intimidated by big banks and he is tenacious in his pursuit of the law also he has an associate attorney George Goranitis who is always available and willing to answer calls and very patient and always available i highly recommend his firm. —Jorge L.

Advise, guidance and professionalism, made me feel supported, safe and well represented. —Ramon Z.

I am convinced that God put you in my path when I was desperately searching for help with the foreclosure case against me. By listening to you speak on your weekly radio show “Jacobs v. Goliath” I knew you were the one that could help me fight and defeat the corrupt Bank of America (BOA).

When we first met at your office on December 16, 2014 and you examined my foreclosure documents I had no idea what you would find. To my pleasant surprise you discovered that BOA had committed fraud by falsifying the documentation. I learned, as you explained, that you had developed and created a unique defense strategy especially geared against corrupt banks like BOA that no one else had successfully done before. I learned that you had about 20 similar cases, including your own, that you were defending using this innovative and powerful strategy that included RICO. I felt very happy to have you on my side!

As the following months went by I continued listening to your weekly radio show. I found it to be very informative to help me keep up to date on how things were going with your cases and how you personally handled the Hearings and Trials doing a fantastic job. I noticed you had a special appeal to the type of cases noted above and particularly against “the biggest bully” (as you called them) BAO.

To conclude, if you had a very severe illness that needed the best surgeon/specialist to help you get well you would search for that surgeon with all your strength. Once you found that surgeon/specialist and he agreed to help you, you would be so happy and hopeful that now, at last, you really have found your best chance to beat the illness and regain your health.

It would be totally inconceivable that when the surgery was finally going to be performed, the surgeon/specialist you had worked so hard to find, and that in whom you had placed all of your confidence and hope in, would now assign one of the other surgeons in his office to perform this very delicate surgery on you.

It does not matter how competent these other surgeons may be. You had to pray and work VERY hard to find the best surgeon/specialist to help you. You went personally to see him, believed in and placed all your hope in him.

You are the surgeon/specialist in this analogy Bruce and I’m the desperate patient that worked so hard with all my strength to finally find you. I am confident that when the time comes for surgery (in any future Hearings, Trial, etc.) I can count on you 100%. Thanks again for all you do! God Bless. Kind Regards, —Aurelio

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the representation I have received from the law firm of Jacobs Legal, PLLC. I am a former trial attorney and currently a business owner in Miami. My business was slow causing my house to go into foreclosure. Subsequently, I was referred to Bruce Jacobs. That was the best thing that has happened to my family. Bruce is by far the best lawyer I have seen in both my 8 years as a trial lawyer and 15 years as a business owner. He is a true advocate. A pit bull. He represents my family like it is his own. I sleep at night knowing that Bruce is my lawyer.—Neil F

Thank you very much for everything you did on behalf of my son, Richard, on his recent case. I greatly appreciate your assistance. —Lily F.

Thank you for the time and diligence that you dedicated to ensure my circumstances were efficiently resolved. I appreciate the integrity and courtesy that you gave to my mother and me. Your actions clearly convey that a personable approach is a core value of you and the ethics of your firm. It was a pleasure to meet you and we look forward to retaining your services in the very near future. —Tyane D.

Thank you for your words of wisdom. It was a great meeting and went exactly as planned. —Bill P.

It has been a pleasure working with you (even under the circumstances) Thank you for going up to bat for us. We will definitely recommend you to our friends, family and clients. —Mildred & Rudy F.

Your words left quite an impression on opposing counsel. Thank you for getting us the exact results we were looking for. —Margorey B.

I am so grateful everyday that I am able to continue to raise my daughter in our home. Please know that your work impacts people in ways that few jobs do. Thank you Thank you Thank you. —Christina D.

I would like to thank you for all the help you gave me. I have 2 children and was served a foreclosure notice and my husband left our home. I went to the government agencies and I tried to work with my mortgage company, but was left frustrated and confused. I was scared for my children and myself. Someone suggested I go to your office. That is when I found someone who really cares. You took the time to explain the process and all my options. All of the staff were extremely nice and professional. They continued to help me and keep me updated. —Elizabeth D.

Many thanks for being great lawyers, coaches and defenders of the American dream. —Nick D.

I wish to thank you all most sincerely for all your kindness and attention over the past 3 years. The heartache / heartbreak I have suffered over this period is indescribable. Your help and understanding will always be remembered with much gratitude. Many Thanks for all your help. —Nona D

I wanted to send you a note to say now that I feel as confident as my husband having you as our Jacobs v. Goliath against our Bank Goliath. —Lucy Z

Thank you for always having my back. This small card can not express the love and gratitude I have for you but I hope you read it and smile. U Rock!! —Katherine W.

Just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you again for the great work you are doing helping me and others fight this fight. I read the amended counter claims you filed in our case … absolutely outstanding. —Amelio A.

*Prospective clients may not obtain the same or similar results.

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