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Take These Steps If You Are Being Sued For a Credit Card Debt

sue for credit card debty

Debt is not something to sweep under the rug. Debt collectors, banks, credit card companies, and other lenders will pursue you relentlessly until you are so badly beaten down that you have no choice but to succumb.

At Jacobs Legal, however, we have a different approach. We face debt collectors and big banks head on and help you negotiate a fair and workable settlement – that is, if the debt is even valid. Many times, it may be a false claim or “phantom debt.”

If you are being sued for credit card debt, know there are laws to protect you, and we are in your corner ready to represent you every step of the way.

What to do if You are Sued for Credit Card Debt

  1. Stay calm and call an experienced debt defense attorney – Don’t run or hide from a lawsuit. Instead, prepare your counterattack by enlisting our team of experienced Miami debt defense lawyers. We are trained in the law and will relieve you of the burden you are facing.
  2. Understand the claims of the suit – Who is doing the suing, and who is being sued? Is it just you or are others also involved? Understand the claims fully and make sure you also know what timelines you are up against. In Florida, you have just 20 days to respond to a lawsuit filed against you.
  3. Get organized – Go through any and all documents you may have related to the claim – files, bank records, old mail. Also gather your financial documents, recent paystub, and tax return and share them with your legal team.
  4. Show up and fight back – Your attorney will prepare your defense and fight to protect your rights in court. Never assume that a lawsuit means it’s over. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in place to protect you, as are several other consumer rights laws.

If you are being sued for credit card debt, you have options and we have answers. Our experienced team of aggressive debt defense lawyers will fight for you and ensure that you walk away with the rightful outcome you deserve. Contact us today to confidentially ask questions and discuss your consumer rights.

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