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Florida High Court Protects Consumers’ Right to Collect Attorney’s Fees

By Jacobs Legal |

The Florida Supreme Court has taken a step to help homeowners who seek out attorneys to help them fight foreclosure cases. The recent case allows firms like ours to continue helping those in need. Prevailing Party Contract Provisions It is established law that where a contract (which includes a mortgage) says that a party… Read More »

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Arbitration Clauses Threaten Consumer’s Right to Trial by Jury

By Jacobs Legal |

The constitutional right to a jury in court is under attack, and big business and banks are leading the charge to strip away at this crucial right that should belong to all citizens. They do this by forcing consumers to sign arbitration clauses waiving the right to a jury. These clauses are hidden in… Read More »

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Our Firm Takes on Bank of America: Why Were Billions of Documents Purged

By Jacobs Legal |

We’re proud to say that our fight against one of the country’s largest banks has now made national news. CNBC has reported on our fight against Bank of America, in a lawsuit that could uncover more bank fraud even now, years after the financial meltdown began. How the Suit Started The first thing to… Read More »

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