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Strategies for Fighting a Foreclosure If You Want to Keep your Property


Never face a foreclosure without a fight.


As we repeatedly tell our clients, you always have options no matter where you are in the foreclosure process. Whether you want to fight to keep your property or choose to sell it in order to avoid foreclosure, put yourself in the driver’s seat. At Jacobs Legal, we’ll help you develop your strongest defenses in your fight against foreclosure.


Here are a few of the many strategies you may be able to pursue if you find yourself facing the possibility of foreclosure and want to keep your Florida home.


What to Do If You Want to Keep Your Property


When up against a lender for foreclosure, many homeowners prefer to stay in their home rather than try to sell it or lose it to the bank. If staying in your home is your preferred path, you have options including:


  • Fight the Foreclosure – Get in touch with us right away and prepare to fight the foreclosure. Right now the Florida Courts are overwhelmed with foreclosures. That means we have time to explore all strategies and mount a strong defense. Additionally, during the process you can continue to live in or rent your property without making payments to the bank.


  • Seek a loan modification – Banks that fear a difficult foreclosure may agree to changes in your loan. A loan modification is any change to your existing loan terms, including reducing the principal amount owed on the loan, converting the loan type, offering reductions in the interest rate, or other alternative arrangements that may be negotiated with your lender.


  • Seek forbearance – Many lenders will agree to delay foreclosure proceedings, and some will agree to cancel sale dates, which will allow you more time to decide on your defense strategy. To learn more about forbearance, read this blog post.


Foreclosures can be lengthy processes, which means you have time to set up a strong defense – and for that, we’re here to help. If you’re struggling to make your mortgage payments, get in touch with us right away at Jacobs Legal for expert foreclosure defense and legal counsel.



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