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Poll: Most Americans Want Government Help For Their Miami Foreclosure

A recent Gallup Poll shows that a majority of Americans want the government to help them claw their way out of foreclosure, short sales and strategic default as they fight to deal with their underwater mortgage, Politico reports.

Our Miami foreclosure defense lawyers don’t believe it is likely that the government will come up with any relevant programs that can help help people in this situation. Miami foreclosures have spiked because banks got greedy and the government didn’t regulate them.

In the aftermath, the government ignored robo-signing, document altering and other practices that allowed banks to take homes away from people who were already knocked down. Then, to try to make a dent, they created programs with no teeth that banks had no incentive in which to participate, leaving people hung out to dry.

Those programs have been largely useless, while at the same time, the government loaned out trillions of dollars to banks — using taxpayer dollars — allowing them to recover and make a profit. And the Obama administration is pushing state attorneys general to settle with banks so they are protected from future lawsuits. Whose side do you think banks are really on?
The recent Politico story states that 58 percent of people say they want the federal government to do more in 2012 to help people from losing their homes through foreclosures. Only 34 percent said they want the real estate market to solve its own problems.

Not surprisingly, 76 percent of Democrats said they want the government’s help, while 31 percent of Republicans said the government should help. About 61 percent of Independents polled wanted the government to play a role in the housing market’s recovery.

More than half of Republicans surveyed — about 64 percent — told pollsters they don’t want the federal government to take additional steps to stop Miami foreclosures. But the poll comes after the State of the Union address, in which President Barack Obama told Congress he intends to send over a proposal that can help Americans save about $3,000 per year on their mortgage.

Pollsters reported that given the overwhelming opinion by Republican voters that the government shouldn’t interfere with the housing market, they believe little housing market legislation will pass the Republican-controlled House in 2012. The poll was taken between Jan. 5 and 8 and Jan. 14 and 15 with 1,000 adults nationwide.

It’s not surprising that a majority of Americans want the government to help fix the housing crisis and it’s not shocking that opinions are split along party lines. Given that previous government programs failed to substantially help those battling foreclosure, Miami foreclosure defense lawyers believe that fighting back against a foreclosure is the only true option to keeping your house.

Pointing out the bank’s mistakes, how they used unlawful robo-signing procedures and don’t have the proper paperwork or can’t prove who actually owns the note on the home are all strategies to saving a home from Miami foreclosure. If homeowners wait for the government to really help, it may be too late.

Hire an experienced Miami foreclosure defense attorney and negotiate from strength!
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