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Miami Premises Liability Lawyer

Florida businesses and property owners have a legal duty to look out for the health and safety of customers and other invited guests. Unfortunately, not all businesses and property owners live up to this obligation. In far too many cases, innocent victims suffer severe injuries as a result of property owner negligence. Victims can hold negligent businesses and property owners legally responsible through a premises liability claim.

At Jacobs Legal, PLLC, our Miami premises liability lawyers are committed to protecting the rights of injured victims throughout South Florida. We hold negligent business owners and negligent property owners accountable. If you or your loved one was injured on another person’s property, please do not hesitate to contact our Miami law office for a free, no obligation review of your case.

Premises Liability Claims We Handle in Miami

No matter the specific nature of your case, our Miami personal injury lawyers are standing by, ready to help. We have the skills and legal experience required to handle the full range of premises liability cases. This includes:

  • Slip and Fall Accidents: Slip and fall accidents are among the most common types of premises liability claims. According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), slip and falls lead to more than one million emergency room visits every year. If you or your loved one was injured in a slip and fall accident, you should consult with an experienced Miami premises liability attorney immediately.
  • Negligent or Inadequate Security: Businesses have a duty to provide reasonable security. What constitutes adequate security depends on the specific circumstances of the case. It could include everything from a hotel ensuring that the locks on its doors function properly to a nightclub providing trained security guards to protect its patrons.
  • Dog Bites: While dogs have a well-earned reputation as great companions for people, they also have the potential to be extremely dangerous. Dog owners have a duty to ensure that they protect the general public from the inherent risks posed by their animal. The Florida Department of Healthreports that more than 600 victims are hospitalized for dog bites every year. Many more people seek medical attention for minor or moderate dog bite injuries.
  • Swimming Pool Accidents: A pool is inherently dangerous — especially for young children. All pool owners have a duty to take proper measures to secure their pool and the surrounding premises. An ordinary child should never be able to wander into an unprotected pool.
  • Poor Maintenance: Businesses and property owners have a basic duty to perform regular maintenance in order to ensure that conditions are reasonably safe on their premises. Relatively simple things like burned out light bulbs, cracks in floorboards, or tattered carpets have the potential to cause severe injuries.

When Can You Hold Negligent Businesses and Property Owners Liable?

A plaintiff cannot hold a business or property owner liable simply on the basis that an accident occurred on the premises. All people have a duty to look out for their own well-being. To recover compensation through a premises liability claim, a plaintiff must prove that their accident happened — at least partially — because of the defendant’s negligence. Premises liability claims are complex legal cases. It is imperative that injured victims seek guidance from a qualified Miami personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after their accident. Generally, you must prove the following four things to hold a defendant liable in a premises liability lawsuit:

  1. You were injured in an accident on the property;
  2. The injury occurred because there were unreasonably dangerous conditions;
  3. The defendant knew or should have known about the safety hazard; and
  4. The defendant could have taken steps to prevent the accident or to reduce the risk of an accident, but they failed to do so.

To better understand how Florida premises liability claims work in practice, imagine that a person slipped and broke their arm at a Miami store. The nature of the accident satisfies the first element: it occurred on the premises of the store. If the person tripped because over their own two feet because they were sprinting down the aisles, it is unlikely that the store will be held liable. However, if the slip and fall occurred because employees fail to clean up a spill, that spill could qualify as an unreasonably dangerous condition on the premises. A full investigation would need to be conducted into exactly when the spill occurred, how long the floor was allowed to remain wet, and what actions the property managers did or did not take to try to remove the safety hazard.

Businesses and property owners often attempt to deny liability — unfairly blaming victims for their own injuries. It is crucial that you get a strong Miami premises liability attorney by your side immediately after your accident. Do not give an official statement to the defendant or their insurance company until you have first consulted with your own personal injury lawyer. Your lawyer will ensure that your rights and interests are protected. 

You Deserve Full and Fair Compensation

In Florida, injured victims can generally hold negligent defendants liable for the full extent of their losses. To do so, plaintiffs must be able to prove the value of their losses. The big insurance companies that typically defend premises liability claims are notoriously aggressive — even when liability is clear, these insurers fight hard in settlement negotiations. They will try to undervalue your damages. At Jacobs Legal, PLLC, our Miami premises liability attorneys know how to hold negligent defendants and their insurance companies accountable. We fight to ensure that our clients get access to every penny that they deserve. This could include money damages for:

  • Emergency medical care;
  • All other medical expenses/medical bills;
  • Physical therapy;
  • Lost current and future wages;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Mental distress;
  • Disfigurement;
  • Long-term disability; and
  • Wrongful death damages. 

Contact Our Miami Premises Liability Lawyers Today

At Jacobs Legal we are strong, aggressive advocates for injured victims. If you or your loved one was hurt at a Florida business or on someone else’s property, we are ready to protect your legal rights. To set up your free, strictly confidential consultation, please do not hesitate to contact our law firmtoday by calling (305) 358-7991. With an office in Miami, we handle premises liability claims throughout South Florida.

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