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Miami Car Accident Lawyer

While Miami may be one of the most beautiful places in which to live and one of the most interesting in which to work, Miami is also one of the most dangerous places in which to drive. To be sure, Miami County has one of the highest rates of traffic accidents in the entire state. If you’ve been in a car accident, especially one that has left you seriously injured, our Miami car accident lawyers at the law office of Jacobs Legal want to help.

Our Car Accident Practice Areas

At Jacobs Legal, we have experience representing those who have been harmed in a wide range of car accident types. Indeed, we have experience investigating and proving liability following:

  • Rear-end crashes;
  • Head-on/front-end collisions;
  • Side-swipe accidents;
  • T-bone accidents;
  • Rollover crashes;
  • Multi-vehicle crashes; and
  • Single vehicle crashes.

Additionally, we also have experience bringing claims against distracted drivers, drunk drivers, fatigued drivers, aggressive drivers, and other negligent drivers.

A Car Accident in Miami Can Change Your Life

A serious car accident can forever change the course of your life, potentially leaving you with long-term or permanently disabling injuries. While the most serious of car accidents are those that are fatal, tragic car accidents may leave victims with spinal cord injuries (that cause permanent paralysis or partial paralysis), traumatic brain injuries, internal injuries, and amputation injuries. Even car accidents that happen while the vehicles are traveling at relatively low speeds can cause soft tissue injuries, bone fracture injuries, and facial injuries.

You Deserve to Be Compensated

Our legal team believes that when another driver’s negligence is the cause of your accident, you deserve to be compensated. Because Florida is a no-fault car insurance state, you are required to turn to your own insurance company first for compensation by filing a claim with your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. Only if your injuries meet the serious injury threshold (injury that results in permanent and significant loss of a bodily function, scarring or disfigurement, permanent injury, or death) may you step outside of the no-fault system and file a claim against the at-fault party’s insurer, or file a lawsuit directly against the at-fault party. If your injuries are serious, you can seek damages for the full extent of your losses, including noneconomic damages like pain and suffering.

Our Miami Car Accident Lawyers Work for You

Our Miami car accident lawyers at the office of Jacobs Legal work for you, going above and beyond to do everything that needs to be done to improve the chances that you recover your full and fair settlement amount. We investigate your case, evaluate the extent of your damages, handle all paperwork and legal elements, negotiate your settlement, and more.

To schedule your free case consultation with our Miami car accident lawyers, please call our team today or send us a message directly. We never charge you for our services if we are not successful in recovering you a compensation award.

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