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Miami homeowners may have claim in foreclosure cases filed by Law Offices of David J. Stern

The Sun-Sentinel is reporting more trouble for the Law Offices of David J. Stern amid questions regarding the firm’s handling of thousands of foreclosure cases in South Florida.

As the investigators look at whether banks and their law firms have acted unethically or illegally in seizing thousands of South Florida properties, seeking the advice of a Miami foreclosure defense lawyer is the best course of action for either stopping foreclosure in Miami or protecting your rights in the wake of a foreclosure action. Homeowners who have already lost their homes could seek to fight a deficiency judgment or obtain a cash settlement. In at least one case, a homeowner is seeking the return of his property, despite the fact that it has already been sold at foreclosure auction.

Banks and law firms under fire in South Florida include the Law Offices of David J. Stern, Law office of Marshall Watson, Shapiro & Fishman, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and GMAC.

In the latest case, Stern’s law office is accused of failing to cancel a foreclosure auction on a property that had been sold in Cutler Bay, resulting in the same property being sold twice. The resulting hassle prompted CitiMortgage to pull the case from Stern’s office and give it to Shapiro and Fishman — which was like moving out the frying pan and into the fire.

Both law firms are under investigation by the Florida Attorney General, accused of slopping practices, including fabricating loan documents. At one point, Stern’s office was processing 20 percent of the state’s foreclosures through a staff of more than 1,000 employees.

Meanwhile, attorney general offices in all 50 states continue to investigate banks and foreclosure firms for signing thousands of foreclosure cases without reviewing them for accuracy or proper ownership.

This case also illustrates the importance of using an attorney when completing a short sale or foreclosure sale in South Florida. In this case, the second purchaser of the house has thus far been unable to get her money back despite repeated calls to Stern’s law office.

If you need help with foreclosure issues in Miami or the surrounding areas, including short sales, deficiency judgments, strategic defaults or other help for Miami homeowners, contact Jacobs Legal for a confidential appointment to discuss your rights. Call (305) 350-5055.

Stern’s foreclosure mistake leads two to buy same Miami-Dade house – 12-06-2010

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