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Miami Foreclosures Subject to Bank Abuses, California Audit Suggests

An audit of several hundred foreclosures in Northern California uncovered a host of legal and ethical violations, mirroring the situation with foreclosures in Miami and across the country.

Our Miami foreclosure defense attorneys know how difficult it can be to trudge through the foreclosure process. Many people, not wanting to lose their homes or damage their credit, continue to pay on homes they’ll likely never be able to afford and are ultimately going to lose. Their money, essentially, is wasted.

It is even more infuriating when information like this emerges, showing that the banks, who aren’t playing by the rules, continue to profit from the housing crisis that has plagued homeowners across the country, and particularly in South Florida, since 2008.

In these cases, officials in San Francisco analyzed data from about 400 foreclosures that had happened between January 2009 and November 2011 in that region. They found that nearly every single one involved at least some illegal or suspicious action, the SF audit finds foreclosures riddled with errors , By Gretchen Morgensen, New York Times

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