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Miami Foreclosure Lawyer Bruce Jacobs Presses to Fill Democratic Precinct Captain Slots


The Florida Democratic party is hanging in the balance, and now, the typical lowly race for Miami-Dade County’s Democratic Party committeeman has gone national, just ahead of a special election that will likely determine the fate of the party in Florida. Our own Bruce Jacobs, Miami foreclosure attorney, is at the forefront, seeking to rapidly fill the precinct chairs for the party is that those individuals can create a groundswell of support for Dwight Bullard, who is up against wealthy Miami real estate businessman Stephen Bittel, who also happens to be a major party donor.

Bullard is backed by Our Revolution, a political organization created by one-time Hillary Clinton rival Bernie Sanders. Bittel, meanwhile, was a staunch supporter of Clinton. He now has the backing of U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota, who at this point is the front-runner to lead the Democratic National Committee. Ellison’s support came as something of a surprise because he was a long-time, prominent Sanders supporter and also previously had the support of Our Revolution.

Jacobs served Our Revolution Miami as a Bernie Sanders delegate, and participated in the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in that role. Jacobs now says he is hoping to drum up enough support among local Democrats to get involved as Precinct captains by the Dec. 15th deadline. The goal from there is to keep those individuals involved in politics, and further provide a strong movement within numerous local and state offices. Precinct captains are the only ones who can vote during leadership meetings, which is why filling these posts is so essential.

Historically, these leadership roles have gone unfilled. Miami has 900 voting precincts, and each of those is allowed two precinct captains for the Democratic party. However, this type of role is unknown to most people. However, there is some hope this will change, as Clinton’s loss in November to Donald Trump has galvanized those who lean left. They have been showing up in droves at local party clubs throughout the city.

Recently, a party vote elevated Juan Cuba to the county’s Democratic party chair. A former Obama White House staffer, he has served as the executive director of the local party twice. He’s also an avowed “Bernie guy.” Still, the party is pretty openly split between wealthy donors and grassroots political groups. Whoever wins the remaining leadership seat, however, is expected to contest the state party leadership for the title of state Democratic party chairperson.

Bruce Jacobs says that in the past, the party’s rules have not been properly enforced, and this has resulted to a great deal of dissatisfaction among those involved on the lower tiers – many of whom are finally ready to dive into political involvement following the historic threat of a Trump presidency. The concern is that the same kind of “backroom deals” that pushed Bernie out of the top nomination seat is the same kind of game being played here in Miami-Dade. Bittel is a 1-percenter with strong ties to Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Bullard, meanwhile, is one of the most progressive voices in the state. We need to show up and keep Bittle from speaking on behalf of the rest of us for the next four years.

The direction of the Democratic party in Florida during the Trump administration depends on it.

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