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Miami Foreclosure Defense Attorney Bruce Jacobs to Lead Seminar to Help Other Lawyers

For the second time in a little over six months, Miami foreclosure defense attorney Bruce Jacobs has been asked to lead a seminar to help other lawyers better defend clients against banks seeking to take their home through foreclosure, despite homes being under water and in bad shape.

In July, Mr. Jacobs taught dozens of lawyers at a conference in Coral Gables how to defend foreclosures in Miami and elsewhere.

Some people believe that if a homeowner misses a mortgage payment, the game is over. Sadly, some lawyers aren’t well-equipped to go beyond the basics of trying to convince a bank to help the homeowner get a loan modification.

Mr. Jacobs has been asked by Law Review Cle, a nationally recognized training site for lawyers nationwide, to conduct a half-day seminar Feb. 28, 2012, in Fort Lauderdale.

Every lawyer in Florida and nationwide is required to take classes to keep up with the latest trends, the newest law changes, case law and tactics. Given that Mr. Jacobs is a member of Max Gardner’s Army, a nationwide group of lawyers who share tactics in real time to help homeowners defend themselves from foreclosure, he is in a position to help others.

Defending a home from foreclosure is no easy task. Banks are relentless and have in the past used unethical and sometimes illegal tactics to try to process paperwork in a foreclosure case. Only a trained lawyer can spot these discrepancies and use them against the banks in a foreclosure case.

As we have written on our blog for months, banks have used robo-signing, filed fraudulent paperwork, used mortgage servicers who have filed unlawful documents and now follow laws in their pursuit of putting people on the street.

Mr. Jacobs will discuss these issues among others with lawyers at the upcoming seminar:

  • Up-to-date statistics on foreclosures
  • Why banks aren’t willing to modify loans
  • Issues with mortgage securiitization and how it affects the foreclosure
  • Federal programs and agreements with banks that can help borrowers
  • Litigation strategies and tactics to help homeowners
  • Federal lending laws and case law that affect foreclosures
  • Alternatives to foreclosure
  • The relationship between bankruptcy and foreclosure
  • Ethics in dealing with foreclosures and communication with the client

Mr. Jacobs is excited to share information than can help homeowners get the best possible legal representation in their time of need. As mentioned earlier, while obtaining a loan modification could be helpful, it’s not necessarily likely. Banks are less likely to agree to a loan modification and would rather just take the home.

That’s why some foreclosure defense lawyers are letting their clients down. A skilled Miami foreclosure defense lawyer will not only look at the alternatives, but also look for holes in the bank’s documentation and other issues that can be used against them.

A person’s home is a big deal. It must be preserved. If a family is kicked to the curb, they can be affected emotionally and financially. They deserve the best advice they can get. Mr. Jacobs hopes to enable and train more lawyers to go out and fight back against banks.

If you’re battling foreclosure in Miami or the surrounding areas, contact Jacobs Legal for a confidential appointment to discuss your rights. Call (305) 358-7991.

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