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Miami Foreclosure Attorneys Warn: Be Selective When Choosing Foreclosure Services

Our Miami foreclosure attorneys know that scammers don’t take a break just because times are tough.

In fact, those battling a Miami foreclosure may be even more at risk because they are dependent on the services of others to walk them through the process. For many, this is the first time they’ve ever gone through something like this. They don’t know the ropes, and they’re eager to reach out for a helping hand. This leaves them vulnerable to being taken advantage of, as some south Florida residents have recently found in their dealings with the Florida Default Law Group.

As our Miami foreclosure attorneys understand it, there are more than 240 complaints against the organization and its lead attorney. This has led the state’s attorney general to open an investigation into the organization’s practices.

A recent investigation by WFTV 9 in Orlando showed that some individuals were promised thousands of dollars in cash to move out of their soon-to-be foreclosed homes – only to later be told the money wasn’t there or the homeowner or tenant didn’t qualify.

Meanwhile, the Florida Default Law Group was collecting money for these deals. Since the complaints have been filed, the firm has changed its name, according to the news channel. The company said it expects to be vindicated.

Florida Default Law is a big plaintiff’s foreclosure mill, filing thousands of cases annually.

But all of this highlights a very important point for those facing foreclosure: Be diligent in choosing your law firm – or really any entity that you are entrusting with your personal information and finances.

A recent article on MSN Money recently addressed this kind of issue – specifically, how you find help with your foreclosure.

The first step is to get organized. You may want to first meet with a HUD-certified housing counselor who can help you get your paperwork in order and explain some of the processes. This will not replace the need for an experienced Miami foreclosure attorney, but it may help you get a better handle on the process.

Next, you’ll want to get all your papers in order. You might start with a one-page chronology of your situation. What were the circumstances that landed you in the position you’re in? You’ll want to include key facts, such as did the lender use a bait-and-switch and ensnare you in a predatory loan? Or maybe you were unjustly turned down for a mortgage loan modification? After that, you’ll want to gather up the supporting documents. This will include any correspondence you’ve had with the bank or loan servicers.

In finding a skilled Miami foreclosure attorney, check with your local Bar association to see whether the attorney you are thinking of hiring has any prior complaints.

Be careful about any lawyer who immediately promises to save your house, particularly when you clearly don’t have the income to support staying in that house. A good lawyer will carefully weigh your options and be frank and fair with you.

What a good Miami foreclosure attorney can help you do is help you formulate a plan of action. That could be to negotiate a mortgage loan modification. It may be to file a complaint of fraud against the mortgage company with the attorney general. It may be to delay the foreclosure for a time by challenging the ownership rights of the home.

There are a number of tactics that a good attorney can take to come up with the best option for you. However, you need to be wise about choosing that attorney.

Make sure he or she is qualified, experienced and has a good track record.

If you’re battling foreclosure in Miami or the surrounding areas, contact Jacobs Legal for a confidential appointment to discuss your rights. Call (305) 358-7991.

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