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Miami Student Loan Debt Collection Lawyer

Student loans can help you get an education, but there’s no guarantee you’ll find a job where you earn enough to pay those loans back. Student loans don’t go away. They stick around and can haunt you for decades. Like other old debts, student loan debts may not always be collectible, and some may never have been valid in the first place! Of course, student loan companies and bill collectors won’t tell you this. They’ll continue to threaten, harass and coerce you into paying a debt whether it is valid or not, hoping you won’t contact a lawyer and find out what your rights and options really are.

If you call Jacobs Legal, our Miami student loan debt collections lawyers will take a hard look at your situation and let you know what your options are. We’ll help you work out a settlement or payment plan, or give you a vigorous defense in court, applying all valid available defenses with full force and tenacity.

Defending collection lawsuits

Some debts can be too old to collect. Creditors and bill collectors can still try to collect on the debt, but they may not be able to get help from the court system if the debt is too old. Whether your student loan debt is too old to be collectible depends not only on how old it is, but also whether it is a federal or private student loan and which state’s laws govern the loan contract (it might not be Florida). Making any payment at all on an old debt can re-age the debt or reset the clock, so that the debt is no longer considered uncollectible, even if it previously was.

Like other debts, student loan debts can get sold and resold to various debt buyers, and they are often bundled with other debts, purchased in large quantities and sold on the market. Your debt may have been repackaged, rebundled and sold so many times that the company trying to collect from you can’t actually produce any documentation showing it owns that debt or has the authority to collect.

It’s also possible that the student loan was issued through unlawful or predatory lending practices and should not be enforced. Our work in debt collection and foreclosure defense gives us a broad base of knowledge and experience in the many different defenses which may available.

Unfair debt collection

Student loan companies and third-party debt buyers are limited in the methods they can use to collect a student loan debt. Our Miami debt defense lawyers hold creditors and collection agencies accountable under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act when they engage in unfair debt collection practices such as threats or harassment.

Options to avoid a lawsuit

If you dispute a debt’s validity or simply cannot afford to pay the full amount owed on the schedule required, we can explore options with the creditor on your behalf that may resolve your problem without a lawsuit. Available options may include negotiating a settlement, seeking federal loan forgiveness, instituting an income-based repayment or income-contingent repayment, obtaining a deferment, or extending the repayment period.

Our experience helping individuals with student loan debt and all types of consumer debt give us the knowledge base and skill set to deal with your specific situation and find the best solution for you.

Call Jacobs Legal in Miami for Legal Help with Student Loan Debt Issues

If you are struggling with unmanageable student loan debt or are facing litigation from bill collectors, call Jacobs Legal, PLLC for advice and assistance from knowledgeable and experienced Miami student loan debt defense attorneys.

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