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Miami Identity Theft Lawyer

Did someone open an account in your name, rack up thousands in charges and ruin your credit before you ever found about it? Sadly, millions of lives are ruined every year by identity theft. Credit reporting agencies have legal duties to protect your identity and prevent identity theft. If you are harmed by identity theft, you can recover your losses by suing the thieves as well as the credit reporting agencies that failed to do their jobs to protect you. The Miami identity theft lawyers at Jacobs Legal, PLLC know your rights and know how to take on the credit reporting giants when they fail to safeguard your identity.

Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA)

FACTA is a federal law that regulates how credit bureaus handle consumer account information. The law requires covered financial institutions to develop red flag rules to identify, stop or lessen the effects of any identity theft that occurs to accounts they control. Individuals harmed by violations of FACTA or the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) can sue for statutory damages or actual damages representing the monetary harm they have suffered. Call our office to learn more about these laws or if you believe you have been harmed by a FACTA or FCRA violation.

Your Rights as a Victim (or Potential Victim) of Identity Theft

  • You have the right to receive a summary of your rights under FACTA from the credit reporting agencies
  • You have the right to have information blocked within four days if you identify it as coming from identity theft
  • You have the right to have fraud alerts placed on your credit report
  • You have the right to keep credit reporting agencies and other businesses from revealing information that is in your credit report
  • You have the right to information regarding transactions or accounts with businesses that resulted from identity theft
  • You have the right as a military servicemember to place an alert on your file when you go on active duty
  • You have the right to a free copy of your credit report annually from each credit bureau or to purchase your credit report at any time for a reasonable fee
  • You have the right to information about how your credit score is calculated
  • You have the right to be informed when your credit report is used against you
  • You have the right to receive a “risk-based pricing notice” any time you are offered credit that is based on anything less than the lender’s most favorable terms
  • You have the right to correct inaccurate information on your credit report
  • You have the right to opt out of unsolicited offers

Stop Identity Thieves and the Companies that Enable Them

For help getting your life back after it was stolen by identity theft, and to hold companies accountable for FACTA violations that failed to keep your identity safe, call Jacobs Legal, PLLC to speak with a team of passionate and committed Miami identity theft attorneys.

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