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Meet Attorney Amida Umesh Frey

Amida Frey

When clients come to us looking for help, many of them are looking for the name on the door: Bruce Jacobs. But as you may know, just because there is one name on the door doesn’t mean there is only one attorney in the firm. The best law firms make sure that every attorney in the firm is as capable, qualified and dedicated as the next one, and our firm is no different.

Meet Amida  

That’s why it’s time that everyone got to know Miami consumer rights attorney Amida Umesh Frey who works with our firm and takes care of our clients every day. We are and always have been excited to have him as a part of our team.

Sometimes the best attorneys come from varied and diverse backgrounds, and few lawyers have the background that Amida has. It’s hard to find legal experience like Amida’s, along with the background he has in carpentry, landscape, education, horticulture, and practical business experience.

Amida has run a catering company, worked as a private chef, and taught and helped the community during his time working in Japan. He has a graduate education in environmental science and philosophy. This was all, of course, before he went to law school and became an attorney.

How Amida Came to Our Firm

During the foreclosure crisis, many attorneys jumped into consumer work and foreclosure defense because they saw money in those fields. But Amida became a consumer attorney because of his own experience.

A victim of the rampant mortgage and foreclosure fraud that took down the economy in the late 2000s, and a homeowner at the time, Amida became a client of our firm. We saw his passion, his educational background, and noticed how legally sharp he was while we were helping him with his own case. So we asked him to come on board with our firm as an attorney, helping our clients just as we were helping him.

Amida said no. At least, he did at first.

Eventually we convinced him to come on board with us because we knew that someone with his background doesn’t come around every day, and that he had the compassion and empathy needed to work in consumer law.

Legal Focuses

Amida’s main focuses include consumer debt defense, and foreclosure defense. He hasn’t lost his dedication to the community and to giving back, which shows in the pro-bono cases he does (pro bono are cases where lawyers represent clients in need for free or for a very small fee). These cases often go outside of the areas that he regularly practices, but Amida has always been willing to fight in a criminal law or domestic violence case for those in need.

Our firm has always been dedicated to helping the downtrodden, or those who just fall on hard times. We want to make sure every attorney that represents our clients has that same passion and dedication. Amida not only shares in our mission, but has the background and history to prove it.

Make sure the attorneys helping you understand what you are going through and are not just qualified, but empathetic to your hardships. Contact Jacobs Legal in Miami today to discuss help with any consumer or injury law matter.


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