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Former Bank Lawyer Volunteers to Defend Needy Homeowners

The best way to fight fast food treatment of foreclosuresis to make the bank prove their case.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Date: March 4, 2013

MIAMI—Florida is the epicenter of the housing market implosion and ground zero for foreclosures. Miami courts are now fast tracking foreclosures for trial to clear the huge backlog of cases. Many homeowners wrongfully lose their homes to foreclosure because they don’t hire trial lawyersthat can protect them. Former Bank Lawyer, Bruce Jacobs, of Jacobs Legal launched a Pro‐Bono Foreclosure Projectto help needy homeowners set for trial on Miami’s rocket docket.

“Banks are using robo‐witnesses and breaking the rules” said Jacobs. “My goal is to make sure even the most needy have a fighting chance to save their home. After seeing the list of people set for trial on March 14th, I went through the court files, found people I thought I could help, and reached out.”

“It was like a gift from above” said attorney Mark Fladdell, who suffers from multiple sclerosis. “I was literally staring at my file about to give up defending the foreclosure when Bruce called offering to go to trial for me on the 14th.”

“No Bank should take someone’s home unless they follow the rules and prove their case” said Jacobs. “Most Judges will follow the law if there is a lawyer pointing out that the law is not being followed.”

Jacobs fights banks every day. He is also the host of “Jacobs v. Goliath with Bruce Jacob” a weekly radio program on 880 AM the Biz, WZAB in Miami.

About Jacobs v. Goliath: Jacobs v. Goliath airs Wednesdays at 5:00 pm on 880AM The Biz talk radio. It is the most informative hour on foreclosures on talk radio.

About Jacobs Legal: The firm is based in downtown Miami and defends foreclosures throughout Florida. Jacobs is part of “Max Gardner’s Army” and trains at seminars online and around the country on cutting edge foreclosure strategies and tactics. Jacobs is a former bank lawyer and Miami‐Dade County prosecutor who spent years representing banks in foreclosures. He now uses his trial and banking experience to fight for homeowners.

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