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Let’s Fight Back Against Wall Street, Save Miami Foreclosures

The San Francisco Chronicle got it right recently with a column about how Main Street needs to fight back against Wall Street, which, aside from some rocky trading, seems to be in a much better position that the average American.

Fighting back in your Miami foreclosure is one way to get back at those who are ruining our country with their greed. Some might wonder how a homeowner can fight back when they are in a house that they haven’t been able to afford payments on for months or even years.

The best offense is sometimes a good defense. Banks have used all kinds of unethical tactics in trying to take away people’s houses. They used millions of documents that were purportedly signed by bank officials, only to find out they were actually signed by some third-party company’s minimum wage workers. And on those documents was incorrect information that was never actually verified as being correct. One bank actually tried to foreclose on a home that they never offered a loan on.

This is what you’re dealing with here and it is sad to see. Homeowners’ rights are being trampled upon and they must have proper representation. Hiring an experienced and aggressive Miami Foreclosure Lawyer can help you save your home by pointing out the problems with the bank and their shady practices.

The newspaper opinion piece says Americans must take a more aggressive approach to fighting for Main Street because clearly the President isn’t. The article states that “President Obama doesn’t stand up to Wall Street and demand reforms.”
Clearly, the people have spoken, however. According to a recent poll, only 44 percent of adults believe Obama is doing a good job and only 37 percent believe he is handling the economy well, the New York Daily News reports. Even worse, only 13 percent of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing right now.

As the San Francisco Chronicle article reports, while Wall Street is doing well, the average American is struggling with unemployment, underemployment, foreclosure and homelessness. Public services, including law enforcement, schools, cities and counties are facing cuts. And for those who want to try to find a new skill by going back to college or to college in the first place, universities are cutting staff and courses. And the government is cutting aide.

In the interests of profits and not the benefit of the people who keep the company strong, corporations are starting to operate out of the country, giving jobs to other nations. The article’s author suggests that greed and weak-minded elected officials have caused the demise of the nation.

But bank officials, who have taken so much from the country and yet stick out a hand for help every time they need a little boost, are also to blame. And once they get their bailouts, their executives get huge bonuses. It’s all a game to them. Meanwhile struggging Miami homeowners are trying desperately to find a job so they can keep their homes.

If you’re battling foreclosure in Miami or the surrounding areas, contact Jacobs Legal for a confidential appointment to discuss your rights. Call (305) 358-7991.

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