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Is Your Foreclosure Set for Trial? Take a Trial Lawyer with You

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If you’re getting an order saying you’re in foreclosure case for trial, it usually means you’re on the rocket docket which means that you’re gonna’ go into court and there’s going to be 50 other cases set for trial that day. Now if you have a trial lawyer at your side that lawyer will be moving to shorten time to compel discovery, moving to compel orders on discovery, will be preparing for trial and will go to trial.

If your lawyer isn’t doing those things, you need to find a lawyer that does because when you actually get to trial the bank is not going to be giving you a continuance and they’re going to be giving you a 120 day sale date which is four months more on the property if you agree to take a judgment.

If you take that judgment they’re gonna come after you for deficiency judgment when that property gets sold. So if you get a trial order and you know you’re gonna go to trial, get yourself an experienced trial lawyer to help you out in that situation and go to trial. The worst that can happen is you get less than four months on the property.

After the trials over there’s still ways to keep that and extend that out. But if you win then there’s a whole different ball game.

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