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If You Credit Card Company Is Harassing You Contact an Attorney to Fight for Your Rights

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Well first off recognize if your credit card company is harassing you. They may be stepping over the line themselves. There are laws that protect consumers in Florida like the Fairday [sp?] Collection Practices Act that will prevent a creditor from harassing you in certain ways. Some things they can do some things they can’t.

The important thing to do is to get some evidence together. Write down on a piece of paper every time they call, who calls, what number, what was said,if they are rude, or obnoxious, or use profanity, or threaten you, keep a record of all of it. You can record those calls. Get a tape recorder and record them.

But make sure you tell them that you’re recording them while you do it. And if they continue to talk they might be buying themselves a huge lawsuit and that’s something that we see oftentimes, when they finally do come to court, we can use to fight back. And once they get a fight back, most of these credit card companies would rather go on to easier prey. And that’s important to know.

You gotta be prepared to fight back.

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