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Getting at the Truth During the COVID-19 Pandemic

truth and covid-19

Our world has unraveled before our eyes. During the past several months we’ve seen this global public health crisis spread rapidly around the world, and now here it is – staring us down at our doorsteps.

The reality is that along with the very serious viral threat spreading among our communities, we are also threatened by the spread of mis-information. At Jacobs Legal, our mission to get to the truth. So let’s do it.

Here Comes the Cavalry

We know the world has been turned upside down right now, and we are all trying to figure out what happens next. Truth be told, it is not a Republican vs. Democrat or Trump vs. Biden issue. It’s about America and coming together to help each other during this time of crisis.

Good news though, the cavalry is coming, but what is the cavalry, how is it coming, and how exactly is it going to help fix this crisis situation?

To frame this conversation, it’s imperative to start from the basic fundamentals of the Constitution. These are the issues we should be most concerned about right now, as stated in the Preamble of the Constitution:

  • Establishing justice
  • Ensuring domestic tranquility
  • Providing for the common defense
  • Promoting the general welfare

Any government aid, assistance, policies, or programs that support these initiatives right now are indeed Constitutional and in service of the truth.

Equally important to recognize is that, no matter which end of the political spectrum you fall on, there are some fundamental truths that we can all agree on – and those are to help make the world and America a better place.

We’re entering a new world that we haven’t seen before, but help is coming. Let’s be patient while also keeping our eyes and ears attuned to the truth to ensure that our Constitutional rights remain upheld.

During times of crisis – and always – you need the truth. At Jacobs Legal, we’ve been helping families and businesses navigate financial crises since the crash of 2008 and have been fighting for you ever since. We are here to help you navigate this situation and fight for your rights. Call us today to get started.


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