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Free Mortgages to Veterans From Country Singer

Popular country singer Tim McGraw announced that on each of the remaining stops of his tour this year, he plans to give away a mortgage-free home to a U.S. veteran of the armed forces.
The singer’s web site indicates he and Operation Homefront have gifted more than 100 homes to veterans and their families. By the close of his national tour in September, he said an additional 30 homes will have been given away.

McGraw cited the sacrifices so many U.S. veterans and their families have made, and noted the indelible mark made on his heart by those he has already aided. In his previous tour, he gave away 25 mortgage-free homes to wounded veterans or those whose families were in need.

As his family boasts many military members – current and retired – and his best friend is a U.S. veteran, McGraw said he felt he could help in this small way the people who have given up so much to protect us and ensure our freedom.

Although Chase Bank has been named as assisting with the Operation Homefront project, our Miami foreclosure lawyers are a bit reticent to praise the bank for any good will in the same way we laud McGraw.

Chase is one of several large financial corporations previously accused of violating federal law to foreclose on active-duty military members.

Additionally, Chase and four other banks are alleged to have violated the rules of a Department of Veterans Affairs program for refinancing mortgage loans by charging veterans improper fees. The banks allegedly concealed those fees while it obtained government guarantees on the loans.

The practice was the subject of a $45 million qui tam litigation lawsuit in which several whistleblowers came forward to expose the fraud.

The Servicemembers’ Civil Relief Act requires judicial authorization of foreclosure of military member homes. This authorization can only be granted following a hearing at which military members are properly represented.

The measure is in place to shield active military members from unfair civil procedures – like foreclosures – that might take place while they are not able to communicate with those on the outside or make their mortgage payments.

Such action was necessary after waves of military members were returning from active duty to find their homes foreclosed, even though they had been given no advance warning or knowledge.

A number of lawsuits were filed against JPMorgan Chase, CitiMortgage and Deutsche Bank alleging these entities obtained foreclosures from active duty service members in clear violation of the law, without proper judicial approval.

JPMorgan Chase was ordered to pay $56 million to troops as a result of the scandal. It was also required to alter its policies regarding treatment of military member mortgages.

Our experienced Miami foreclosure lawyers were among many who were outraged by the actions of these banks. We remain firmly committed to protecting the home ownership rights of U.S. military members, veterans and their families.

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