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Foreclosure Vary State to State so Make Sure You Get a Good Attorney

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Foreclosures are absolutely different in every state and in every county within that state. There are lots of states that don’t even let you go to court. Florida is one of the states that you get, that they have to come to court and sue you and it becomes a regular law suit. And what you’re seeing now is, every county is dealing with it differently.

Broward is sending everybody for trial. As soon as you come close to the judge in Broward, they’re setting your case for trial. Dade has 20 different judges that are dealing with foreclosures and a bunch of senior judges dealing with trials. Palm Beach has two judges that are dealing with everything. So it’s important to know what county you’re in and whatever county you’re going as long as you have a trained trial lawyer who understands the issues, and the cutting edge foreclosure defense strategies and tactics.

You’ve got a chance to get some relief in whatever court you’re in.

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