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Defending Yourself from a Florida Foreclosure Part 7


Take Advantage of the Slow Process

Throughout our nine-part series on the Florida foreclosure process, we have discussed many tips to help you prepare for what could happen if the banks were to come for your home.

In addition to arming yourself with a good lawyer, we’ve encouraged you to keep the faith so you can power through with a strong fight against a goliath lender. We’ve also discussed specific steps you should take to put yourself in the best possible position for your situation, such as asking for original receipts and keeping diligent records of everything.

A Penny Saved…

In this post, we want to discuss the importance of taking advantage of the long process that is inherent to foreclosures. The courts are typically backlogged with numerous foreclosure cases, and that scenario won’t be changing anytime soon now that the moratorium on evictions and foreclosures has ended in Florida.

What the long process means for you, however, is that not only do you have time to mount a strong defense for your case, you also have time to proactively take charge of what’s in the best interest of your future – whether that future includes continuing to reside in your existing home, saving up for rent on a new place, or covering other expenses you’re sure to encounter down the road.

While your foreclosure case is in limbo with the courts, why not use that time to sock away any money you would have been putting towards your mortgage payment? Even if you have fallen on hard times and can’t save the full amount, do try to intentionally save a large portion of it so that if the bank was to win the foreclosure case against your property, you would have a new plan – and money saved to boot.

During the Florida foreclosure process, it’s important to remember that you have options and you have time. Use both of those as opportunities to make the smartest next move for your situation. With our help at Jacobs Legal, we’ll put up the best fighting chance for you to keep your home and defeat the big bank lenders who try to come after your property. Contact us today to schedule a confidential consultation.

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