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Defending Yourself From a Florida Foreclosure: Part 6


Keep Detailed Records of Everything!

In our series on foreclosure defense, we’ve discussed how important evidence is to your case. We’ve also hammered home the point that your best defense is a good offense when it comes to fighting to keep your home.

Don’t enter into a battle against a big bank without a carefully planned strategy for bringing them down.

Our team at Jacobs Legal has extensive experience helping homeowners just like you battle – and defeat – Goliath banks since the housing crisis of 2008. We believe every single homeowner deserves to have their rights protected and justice upheld.

One big component of mounting a strong offense is to ensure that you have detailed records of everything. 

  • Every phone call
  • Every email
  • Every letter
  • Every reference number for recorded calls
  • Every person you talked to
  • , etc.

And in those records, keep notes of the dates, times, and names of everyone and everything, even if you don’t think it is relevant. The more evidence you have, the greater your credibility in court and the greater your opportunity to find holes and weaknesses in their defense.

Pursuing evidence also demonstrates your commitment to the fight and proves to the judge the myriad ways the bank is trying to pull one over on you. Collectively, all of these efforts will help work towards achieving a better settlement for your case.

Don’t stand down if you find yourself in the difficult position of potentially losing your home. You have options. We have experience. Together we will fight for what’s yours. Get in touch to learn more about our team of Miami foreclosure defense lawyers get to work for you.

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