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Common Reasons Property Insurance Claims are Denied in Florida

why florida property insurance claims are denied

In the battle between insurance companies worth hundreds of millions of dollars and everyday homeowners, the odds of homeowners successfully defeating an insurance company at their own game are pretty low.

The good news for property owners, however, is that at Jacobs Legal, we don’t stop until our clients get the fair outcome they deserve. We don’t tolerate fraud or deceptive practices, and neither should you.

What to Know About Property Insurance Claim Denials in Florida

Property insurance is designed to protect our homes and families against damage and loss resulting from misfortune. It stands to reason that if and when we need to call upon our insurance company for help, they will treat us fairly and we will compensated appropriately for the damages incurred.

Yes, we hope for this; unfortunately in Florida, this rarely happens.

Regardless of the cause of damage – whether it be from a hurricane, severe storm, water, mold, fire, or any other peril – it’s not uncommon for Florida insurance claimants to experience a claim delay, denial, or under payment from their insurance company for a variety of reasons. Below are a few common ways insurance companies in Florida might deny your claim.

  • They may claim it is not covered under your policy terms – your claim may be denied because the insurance company says that the damages you incurred are not covered under the policy you elected.
  • They may assert that you failed to comply with conditions under the policy – for example, they may say you did not give prompt notice, provide requested documents, or provide a sworn statement in Proof of Loss.
  • They may dispute the damage – your insurance company may state that the damage incurred is not due to a recent event. Rather, it is due to some pre-existing condition, and therefore, not cover the damage. Or, they may say the scope and amount of damage is less than what you actually need to do your repairs.

In addition to these concerning actions, your insurance company may also fail to respond to your claim at all, or offer you a menial settlement well below the cost of the damages.

If you feel that you have been treated unfairly by your  insurance company, we can help. Call us today to discuss your rights.

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